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Are You An Exceptional Salesperson?

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If I were browsing in the Business/Sales section at Barnes & Noble, or searching online at Amazon.com and saw the title “Are You An Exceptional Salesperson?,” the first thing I’d think is, “Am I?” “I’m a pretty good salesperson, but am I an exceptional one?” Are you?

After 20+ years of studying the sales process and learning through personal repetition and practice, I have developed a playbook for you and your journey in sales. It’s called The Exceptional System. The Exceptional System is tailor-made for the person who is looking to be better today than they were yesterday. If you are new to sales, this book will be a roadmap for you to your ultimate destination: confidence in your skills and success in selling. If you have experience in sales, but have yet to find teachings that provide practical answers to your sales questions, The Exceptional System could be your answer. If you are successful in sales, but you keep asking yourself year after year, “Why is she better than I am? Why does he consistently have better results?” “Why am I not No. 1 in my organization?”, this text could take you to that next level. If you are already the best of those around you, by all means, write a book and share your insight and experience with us, so that we may all benefit.

I consider it an honor to be able to share with you some of my experiences and by doing so, my hope is that your life and your skills will be affected exponentially.

– Robert King